Billy Bass Singing Fish

Perfect for a fisherman’s man cave!

Billy Bass is more than just a singing fish: he’s a happy face and cheerleader, reminding you of the ever-important mantra, “Don’t worry, be happy.” This novelty gift is perfect for your dear old dad.

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Billy Bass will make you laugh and cheer you up as he sings Bobby McFerrin’s classic “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. Singing from a wooden mounting board, this bass knows what he’s talking about! Life is just better when we can turn our frown upside down.

For the man who has everything, the Billy Bass Singing Fish is a fun and fishy Father’s Day or birthday gift. It’s sure to brighten any game room, man cave, or office.

This fish is just one of our many novelty gifts for men. Spend time perusing Men's Gift Store; you’ll find presents for every occasion! And at checkout, take advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service and choose from our many card options.

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Could Billy Bass the Singing Fish be the Greatest of all the Novelty Gifts?

When we think of novelty gifts, Billy Bass has got to be one of the first to come to mind. He’s that funny fish we have all had the pleasure of meeting at some point or another. Whether that’s in the shop down the street, at your friend’s place, or simply through popular culture, he has probably popped in all our lives. If there is a guy in your life that you feel has everything, just needs a laugh, or needs some more Man Cave gifts, help him learn to hold a tune with Billy Bass, possibly the greatest of all the novelty gifts!

Novelty Gifts for the Home-Bar Guy

Have you got a pal or a guy in your house who has decided their place isn’t complete without a bar? Homemade bars are becoming increasingly popular – in the backyard, the shed, or maybe just the spare room. They create an amazing space for entertaining that makes friends and family feel like they’ve really gone out for the night but with that extra luxury of being in a comfortable space! Can you actually imagine a bar at home without Billy Bass? For the guy with the bar, novelty gifts are how you can make your gift giving shine! Imagine “I will Survive” sing alongs with friends, or even incorporating Billy’s singing abilities into a drinking game.

Maybe you know someone who you think really needs a laugh. Perhaps it’s that colleague at work, or a down and out family member or friend – novelty gifts can really come to the rescue in this situation! Not only does Billy Bass belt out the motivational “I will Survive”, but will also help cheer up your pal with his rendition of “Don’t Worry be Happy” – perfect to pop a smile on their face.

Include Billy Bass the Singing Fish in your Man Cave gifts

If you know a guy who loves his novelty bits and pieces, you could definitely add Billy to your list of Man Cave gifts! Regardless what type of dude hangout your dad, friend, brother, uncle or grandpa has, Billy is the best addition to those eclectic and quirky bloke rooms, or the even the most stylish of Man Caves. Is he also a fisherman? You have hit the jackpot of Man Cave gifts with Billy Bass the singing fish. Combing his love of fishing with the hilarity of a singing fish to put in his happiest of places, is what novelty gift giving dreams are made of!