Bullshit Button

Call Bullshit On Shenanigans

Blah! Blah! Blah! Smack the bullshit button when someone is blatantly telling lies, spinning you a yarn, or simply talking waaay too much.

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Tired of boring office meetings full of people making excuses? This could be the fix you need to put them in their place. This Red button is no ordinary button, when pressed; it will light up along with one of the following funny phrases echoed from the side built-in speakers: 1. (Beep) That was bullshit! 2. (Siren) Bullshit detected, take precautions! 3. Bullshit level def-con 5. 4. Oh come on now, that ain't even bullshit, that's horseshit! 5. Warning, Warning, bullshit alert!

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Quirky online gifts often make the best birthday gifts, so the Men’s Gifts Store has a lovely range available for your recipient. If you are curious about the quirky online gifts we recommend for birthdays, be sure to check out our selection of novelty birthday gifts below.

What Is the First Novelty Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

One of our first recommendations from our online gifts collection is the Bullshit Button. Even though quite basic at heart, the Bullshit Button from our online gifts catalogue is certainly something your recipient does not want to miss out on!

The Bullshit Button from our online gifts collection is specifically designed to call bullshit in any situation. With a simple hit of the button, you can call someone out for telling a porky, or just to tell someone they are talking way too much! So, be sure to add this novelty gift to your shopping cart for a funny birthday.

What Is the Second Novelty Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

Our second recommendation from our birthday gifts catalogue is a set of Golf Ball Finder Glasses. The Golf Ball Finder Glasses from our birthday gifts range is the ideal present for a golf fanatic, but also for someone who plays golf during the holidays.

With the Golf Ball Finder Glasses from our birthday gifts collection, your recipient will never lose a golf ball again. These glasses from our novelty gifts collection have a special blue tint, which increases the contrast of anything with a white or yellowish colour. So, if lost golf balls are a problem for your recipient, be sure to give them this novelty gift for his birthday.

What Is the Third Quirky Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

Donald Trump has been the butt of many jokes in recent years, so it is no surprise that he is mentioned in this overview of quirky gifts. Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump is a book that covers some of the Trump’s controversial statements but turns them into poetry for a funny read.

Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump is written by author Rob Sears, who researched some of the controversial statements made by current POTUS Trump. The book counts a total of 144 pages with poems, haikus, and sonnets, so there is plenty to enjoy for anyone who likes to poke a little fun at the United States president.

What Is the Fourth Quirky Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

Does your recipient want something decorative for his study that can keep him entertained for hours? If so, you might want to consider the Desktop Moving Sand Art, a study decoration that will provide a unique piece of art with each flip!

The Desktop Moving Sand Art measures 14.5 centimetres by 20.5 centimetres; this is the perfect size for a desktop decoration or a decoration for a nightstand. The decoration includes countless sand grains, which mixes with a special liquid to create a unique art piece. So, if you want something original, the Desktop Moving Sand Art will be ideal for your recipient.

What Is the Fifth Quirky Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

Another recommendation for a study or a desk is the Desktop Basketball Game, the perfect little game for a sportive man, but also a man who is not necessarily athletic, since this game does not require impeccable athletic ability.

The Desktop Basketball Game measures a compact 20.5 centimetres by 25 centimetres. The game has the shape of a genuine basketball ring and comes with a tiny ball that can be thrown into the ring. So, if you want to keep the birthday boy entertained, the Desktop Basketball Game will undoubtedly be a great option.

What Is the Sixth Quirky Gift Recommended for Birthdays?

There are more original books available for recipients at the Men’s Gift Store. One of these books is the Doomsday Survival Handbook. Written by David P. Murphy, The Doomsday Survival Handbook prepares any recipient for an apocalyptic event.

Any recipient who likes to be prepared for emergency situations will have a good laugh with this book. Of course, the book is not all about fun and jokes, because it does contain some useful tips that could prove useful in a life-threatening situation.

What Other Quirky Birthday Gifts Could I Obtain from the Men’s Gift Store?

There are more quirky gifts available for birthdays at the Men’s Gift Store, since we only mentioned some of our most popular items today. Other quirky gifts you can obtain for birthdays include novelty games, drinking glasses, pool rings, floats, books, and countless other novelty items.

Do you need some help choosing a quirky gift from our catalogue? Or do you have any questions about our quirky birthday gifts? For more information about the novelty gifts at the Men’s Gift Store, or to get some assistance choosing a gift, be sure to get in touch with our expert team.