Hot Chicken Egg Warmer

A bit of cluckin’ fun before breakfast!

The Hot Chicken Egg Warmer is a novelty cutie, made from 100% cotton. Tell us…what came first: the chicken or the egg? The world may never know, but this chicken is a good way to warm up a cold egg.

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Tell us—what came first? The chicken or the egg? Regardless of your views on the subject, we know that chickens protect eggs. And this Hot Chicken Egg Warmer does a great job of it! Adorable and oh-so funny, this chicken is a peckin’ cutie, crocheted from 100% cotton yarns. Perfect for adding a touch of humour to breakfast time!

The designers at Donkey Products, based in Hamburg, Germany, have outdone themselves with The Hot Chicken. But they have a natural knack for taking everyday objects and putting a unique, quirky, very funny spin on them.

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