Condiment Gun

A fun gadget for the man who has everything!

Armed with this awesome BBQ condiment gun, you can add vibrant and fresh relish to barbecued chicken, roasted meat and any grilled foods as you have fun picnicking or dining outdoors. Roasting or grilling gets an extra boost of fun with this novelty sauce

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Know any sci-fi lovers or all-round fun BBQ-loving guys? Give them this useful, yet playful condiment gun to add flavour to savoury dishes. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and other condiments are quick and simple to dispense with this kitchen gadget shaped like a ray gun. Kids of all ages will love using it! The Condiment Gun has two cartridges that can be loaded with all kinds of sauces. Your friends will have more fun at the BBQ with this entertaining tool at hand!

The Condiment Gun is a great Christmas gift at the peak of barbie season – or for any occasion – it will delight your friends and family. Make use of our premium gift-wrapping service with a complimentary card, which will contain any message you like. You'll also receive tracking details for all orders, plus free delivery Australia-wide on orders over $99.

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