Desktop Moving Sand Art

Never The Same Art Twice

It's relaxing and mesmerising and perfect to relax him during those times of stress; the Desktop Moving Sand Art Frame sits perfectly on his desk and can be flipped over and over again to create gorgeous art.

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Looking for a quirky gift idea to brighten his home or office? The Moving Sand Art Frame is it! He’ll love not only the magical unique image that appears each time he flips the frame, he’ll also love the magical process as each grain of sand filters through the liquid and into place.

A great size for his office desk, and measuring 14.5cm x 20.5cm just as perfect on his bedside table or mantle, this is a fun gift for the home that’s practical too. We’ve got such a huge range of gift ideas for men here at Men’s Gift Store, no matter what his hobbies or interests, we guarantee you’ll find something he loves.

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