The Pola Roll By DOIY

Toilet paper quicker than a Polaroid!

Whether you’re sick, have allergies, or just like being prepared, the Pola Roll by DOIY is a cute way to keep toilet paper readily available without having to keep a TP roll sitting on the table.

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Love Polaroid, but not the price of film? The Pola Roll by DOIY celebrates this iconic camera without the price or hassle of finding expensive film. In fact, this novelty, retro gift might be more useful! Just load the Pola Roll with toilet paper and now you’re prepared for any sneeze, spill, or messy situation.

The Pola Roll measures 18 x 15 x 11cm. Designed by the Barcelona-based DOIY, the Pola Roll has quickly become one of their most beloved items. Their goal is to build a community that can share uniquely-designed products that bring joy into your day-to-day life. With iconic novelty items, each gift tells its own incredible story.

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