Grenade Coffee Mug

Add explosive excitement to your morning cuppa!

With a textured finish, pin, warning symbol, and batch number, this coffee mug is the bomb! For the military man or history buff, this realistic Grenade Coffee Mug is sure to be a hit.

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Is it a mug or is it a grenade? It’s both! Though you can’t cause any explosions with this particular grenade, you can enjoy the fine craftsmanship and deliver a blast of caffeine to your system. The body of the mug is designed like the body of a grenade, complete with a textured finish. On the side of the cup you’ll find a batch number and a warning symbol. Finally, the handle of the mug represents the pin of the grenade.

The Grenade Coffee Mug is just one of our many great novelty gifts for men. This particular item is a great Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift for military and history buffs.

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