50 Fifty Gummy Bacon

The Taste Of Bacon In A Sweet Treat

It might taste like bacon, it might also look like bacon, but it's definitely not bacon! This pack of 5 gummy bacon strips is a great novelty gift for bacon lovers, because life is definitely better with bacon.

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If he can’t resist a piece of crispy bacon, thinks delicacies like bacon on pancakes or ice-cream are the best thing ever, or perhaps he’s just known for his unique foodie tastes, this is the ultimate gift for him. Introducing the Gummy Bacon that looks and tastes just like the real thing… but isn’t.

This pack of 5 gummy bacon strips are really an illusion, with 5 candy bacon pieces made from sugar and gelatine, his tastebuds and his humour is about to be delighted. Presented in a pack measuring 10 x 23.6 x 2cm there’s enough to go round and share with friends and family, although he’ll probably want to keep it all to himself. A fun gift for men, we bet he hasn’t seen anything quite like this before, because we don’t believe in ordinary here at Men’s Gift Store.

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