Look! It's Jesus Gift Set

Discover Jesus Here, There, and Everywhere

Religious visions can happen anywhere, anytime. Jesus might show up in a frying pan and Buddha might show up in a beehive. This fun novelty gift set celebrates the strange and the miraculous!

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Reading Look! It’s Jesus may not be a religious experience, but it’s certainly an enjoyable one! Each page of this 96-page book features a photo of a religious vision, like Tortilla Jesus, and testimony from the real men and women who discovered each image. The book also features a colourful holographic cover. This compendium was created by Harry and Sandra Choron.

This set wouldn’t be complete without a bar of Jesus Soap. With its depiction of Jesus, it’s almost like having a real religious vision!

The Look! It’s Jesus Book & Jesus Soap Set makes a magnificent novelty gift for men with a sense of humour. We know they’ll enjoy a good laugh every time they crack open the book or take a shower!

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