Licence to Chill Ice Cube Tray

It's Ice…. Frozen Ice….

He's licensed to have fun with the License To Chill Ice Cube Tray; a unique gift for men who love to entertain or just love having a quirky touch to their life. These gun shaped ice cubes will ensure his drink is never boring!

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He shoots…. He scores a fun drink featuring gun shaped ice cubes his mates are guaranteed to love. Who cares about mates though? This fun ice cube tray is just as fun to use all the time at home, why wait until friends are over to add a bit of novelty to life?

Measuring 15cm x 14.5cm x 2.5cm this food safe silicon ice cube tray has space to create 8 gun shaped ice cubes; but it doesn’t stop there. The flexible design means it’s also great for creating chocolates and jelly shots too! Oven safe and also dishwasher safe for easy clean up, what isn’t to love about this fun novelty gift for him.

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