The Man Bib

Say Goodbye to Sauce Covered Shirts and Crumb Covered Co

A snack bowl that doubles as a bib? He’ll love it. He can hoard his chips and not worry about making a mess. This clever Man Bib is the ultimate gift for a couch potato or messy eater.

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The Men’s Gift Store has the best gifts for a couch potato who’s a messy eater. The Thumbs Up Man Bib is exactly the gift he didn’t know he wanted. This fantastic men’s novelty gift is a practical accessory that he’s going to love using (once he stops laughing/being insulted). He can use the Man Bib to protect his clothes from the inevitable dropped pizza slices and potato chips, plus use it as his own personal snack bowl so no one steals his chips. Even better, no more messy food crumbs all over the couch!

This clever Man Bib, from the team at Thumbs Up, is made from light grey, easy-clean silicon. It measures 38 x 26.5 x 10 cm overall, and has a fully adjustable neck closure that suits all sizes. The Man Bib is a fun and budget friendly novelty gift that’s just ideal for messy eaters and for guys who love to spend the weekend lazing in front of the TV.

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