Giftworks Man Flu Handkerchief Set

Quality Cotton With A Design He'll Love

Is there anything worse than a good old-fashioned man flu? Well, these two cotton handkerchiefs are designed to make every sniffle and sneeze a bit less miserable! Machine-washable.

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Man flu is a very real and very serious affliction. It affects men of all ages and from all walks of life. Now is the time to take man flu seriously! This Giftworks Man Flu Handkerchief Set includes two durable cotton handkerchiefs with elegant black and white designs.

The handkerchiefs in this set are machine-washable, so they'll be around and ready for every man flu season! Both handkerchiefs are 16 x 16cm.

For every sneeze, sniffle, and man flu, real or imagined, the Giftworks Man Flu Handkerchief Set will be there. Give this great ïget well' gift as a Christmas, birthday, or Father's Day present to every man flu-sufferer in your life.

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