Millennium Plasma Ball

Responds to touch & sound

This glass bulb contains responsive ionised gas which produces stunning and hypnotic lightning patterns.

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The ionized gas inside this handcrafted glass bulb produces dazzling effects that will delight any man who loves sci-fi or anything of beauty and mystery. He can manipulate the patterns appearing inside the bulb by touching it or through sound. It's an awesome gift for men of all ages.

He'll feel like he has the universe at his fingertips, as lightning follows his every move across the glass surface. The bulb has a sonic option, where the lightning responds to louder sounds, such as music, which means he can interact with the lightning without touching the bulb. It's glorious as a party feature, or in a man's living room or bedroom. He can place it next to his stereo and enjoy the impressive visual display.

  • Contains negatively ionised gas through which an electrical current flows, creating an illusion of lightning
  • For increased lightning visibility, it has a black back cover
  • Approximately 8” in diameter
  • Reacts to sound
  • It can keep producing effects for up to 1,000 hours

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