McLovin Bottle Opener

Muscly McLovin is Ready to Screw Any Cork

This Muscly McLovin Bottle Opener just can’t get enough corkscrew action. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves a good (cork)screw as much as they love wine.

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Just the thought of opening your bottles gets muscly McLovin all excited. With his rippling chest muscles and 70s permed hair, this hunky McLovin Bottle Opener will get any red-blooded wine lover’s heart racing. With a sturdy corkscrew protruding from his sexy leopard print underwear, there’s nothing McLovin likes more than a firm hand around his hips as he screws that cork. This is the ultimate (cork)screw for any adult party or BBQ.

If you’re looking for a quirky gift to make him laugh, the McLovin Bottle Opener is the perfect gift. The Men’s Gift Store has a great range of adult novelty gifts and BBQ accessories for men. Get a unique present for him on his birthday or for a fun Christmas.

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