Pixel Style Mega Magnets

3 Wooden Magnets: Cursor, Hourglass, & Arrow

Point to an important note with an arrow. Or place an incomplete grocery list on the refrigerator with a loading hourglass. These mega magnets are way fun and way useful.

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Celebrate a world full of computers and electronic devices with the fun and useful Mega Magnets: Pixel Style. This set comes with three large magnets: a loading hourglass, an arrow, and a cursor. Place them on any magnetic surface to add a bit of quirkiness to your day. Is your fridge empty? Let your roommates know with the loading hourglass. Is a bill overdue? Point to it with the pixelated arrow so you remember to pay it!

These Mega Magnets: Pixel Style are the perfect novelty gift for millennials and techies everywhere. And they make a fantastic Kris Kringle, Christmas stocking, or birthday present.

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