DOIY Riviera Pattern Fixie Pizza Cutter

Bicycle-Shaped, Limited Edition Pizza Cutter

Who needs a real bike when they have this limited edition pizza cutter? This bicycle-shaped pizza cutter has two blades and comes with a display stand. It’s made with stainless steel and aluminum.

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After a long, satisfying bike ride, pizza sounds really good. Just imagine the melted cheese, the delicious pepperoni, and the fresh veg. Yum! This DOIY Riviera Pattern Fixie Pizza Cutter makes it easy and fun to slice through a delectable homemade pizza. The front and back wheels are both blades, perfect for clean, straight cuts. This pizza cutter also comes with a stand for storage and display.

This aluminum and stainless steel pizza cutter measures 2 x 10 x 18cm. Hand-wash only.

The DOIY Riviera Pattern Fixie Pizza Cutter is beyond awesome. This quirky novelty gift is ideal for pizza-lovers, cyclists, and men with a sense of whimsy. Gift-wrapping options are offered through your Men’s Gift Store cart.

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