Ridleys Mystic 8 Ball

Gives Answers and Decisions on the Spot

This wise Mystic 8 Ball is great a making decisions, glimpsing into the future, and answering questions. No matter what the question posed, after a short shake, this 8 ball will give an answer.

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Where to eat for dinner, who to marry, and which computer to buy are all important decisions. Well, some may be more important than others. With one or two short shakes, Ridley’s Mystic 8 Ball provides an answer to whatever question was posed. It can answer in the affirmative, negative, and neutral. This classic toy comes in a cool, retro box, designed with bright, interesting colours.

Should you put an end to a friend or family member’s indecisiveness with Ridley’s Mystic 8 Ball? We shook the Mystic 8 Ball and it replied, “Yes, definitely!” It also said you should pick out a bow and use our deluxe gift-wrapping service to save time.

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