Luckies Smartphone Speaker

Portable Amplifier for Every Occasion

Never be stuck without a way to play music. Wherever you roam, near or far, It's always a good idea to pack this lightweight smartphone amplifier. Compact but mighty, this amp improves sound wherever you are.

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Picture it: you're sitting around a campfire with friends or hanging out at the beach. Everyone is laughing and having fun, but then your friends agree that music would make the party better. Well, they aren't wrong, but what are you going to do? Your smartphone isn't going to be loud enough to be enjoyable. At least not by itself. The Luckies Smartphone Speaker is a wonderful lightweight and portable solution.

The speaker connects with your mp3 player, smartphone, or tablet using an aux cable. The amplifier requires 4 x AA batteries and provides more than 30 hours of playback.

Can you think of a better man cave or dorm room gift? We can't! So give the Luckies Smartphone Speaker today as a Father's Day, birthday, or anytime present.

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