Suck UK Clocky Alarm Clock

Keep Snoozing and Suffer the Consequences

When it’s time to wake up, it is time to wake up. Clocky hops off of the bedside table and rolls away if snoozed one too many times. This alarm clock is sure to make a morning person out of anyone.

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For a select few, morning is a time of reflection, beauty, and peace. For the rest of us, it’s a necessary obstacle between us and the day. The Suck UK Clocky Alarm Clock is designed for men who need a little extra push in the morning. This insistent alarm clock hops off of the nightstand and runs away if the snooze is pressed more than once. This forces the heavy sleeper to get out of bed and search for the rascally clock in order to turn it off.

If anyone thinks they can learn to sleep through the alarm, wherever it ends up, they can think again. Clocky emits an erratic alarm to encourage snoozers to get up. So give the Suck UK Clocky Alarm Clock as a helpful gift for dads, friends, and husbands who need some extra encouragement in the morning.

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