Suck UK Kids Colour Change Umbrella

Pint-Sized Umbrella for Pint-Sized Fun

This bright red, colour changing umbrella is just what the doctor ordered. On rainy days, the water drop pattern on this umbrella changes from white to a rainbow of colours!

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Umbrellas are a wonderful way to keep dry during rainy days. Even still, it’s often difficult to convince children to carry one. When they do take an umbrella to school, it’s a reasonable expectation that it won’t come home. The Suck UK Kids Colour Change Umbrella is so cool, that not only will kids love carrying it, they definitely won’t risk losing it! The water drop pattern printed with hydrochromatic ink turns into a rainbow when introduced to water. When dry, the pattern dries white.

Make a little boy happy with this Suck UK Kids Colour Change Umbrella. He’ll practically be praying for rain! And if you need a birthday or Christmas present quick, we provide same day and next day shipping to select Australian cities. Explore our shipping options from your Men’s Gift Store cart.

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