Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set

A Quirky Twist To Relaxing Tea-Time

Refined and gentlemanly, this ceramic mug and silicone infuser set is the only way for a true gent to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea. It’s a dandy birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift!

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Healthier than a real pipe and easier to maintain than a real mustache, the Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set for modern gentlemen is an amusing, yet useful present. The set comes with a mustachioed ceramic mug and a silicone, pipe-shaped tea infuser. The infuser sits on the edge of the mug for easy use and convenient storage.

For your father, friend, or husband, the Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set is a delightful gift, even if they aren’t much of a gentleman! Though we’re sure this set will certainly add to their refinement. Shop Men’s Gift Store today. We provide free delivery on orders over $99 AU.

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Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set

Shopping Men’s Gift Store comes with all types of exciting gifts. We love to keep the range as diverse and unique as possible. Our Men’s Gift Store team know how to impress all, especially our favourite fellas! The diversity and extraordinary selection of gifts for men come in all shapes and sizes, like the Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set. Now, novelty gifts for men are one area that we love! The Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set is an ingenious way of being a gentleman without the hazards of a real tobacco pipe. This Tea & infuser Pipe set is a refined way for men to sit back and infuse their tea with a gentlemanly approach. Who doesn’t love a laugh or novelty gifts for men, that they will cherish for a long time to come. The Giftworks Mug & Tea Infuser Pipe Set consists of a ceramic mug and a silicone tea infuser and real way for the gentleman of the household to sip his favourite brew.

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At Men’s Gift Store we pride ourselves not only on novelty gifts for men but the way have them delivered to him. Whether he is close by, in the same city or on the other side of Australia, we have you covered with getting your novelty gifts for men there, on time and in tip-top shape! If you have some time, have a browse through our more detailed page of delivery options on the ‘Delivery’ page of Men’s Gift Store. Don’t forget too, that all of our novelty gifts for men that are priced over $99 are delivered free of charge to anywhere in Australia! Go on, impress your favourite fella and give him a great laugh on his next special occasion!