Toilet Brush Award

The Award to Acknowledge a Crappy Performance

The Award Toilet Brush is a subtle gift with so many possible hidden messages. “We admire your efforts in the bathroom” or “Your performance this year was rather crappy.” Personalise this quirky gift for your own special award. The end of year work party

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The Toilet Brush Award is the ideal gift for when the shittiest performance needs to be acknowledged. If you want a gag gift for a friend or workmate who has FUBARed like the best of them, nothing quite says, “Oh Crap” like this golden statue Toilet Brush Award. This fun novelty gift would also make a great joke for anyone who has a habit of bunging on an act. If you have a friend or work colleague whose rubbish acting skills somehow seem to get them into (or out of) trouble, let them know their performance does not go unnoticed with this joke award gift for the end of year work party.

This novelty homewares gift comes stylishly presented in a gift box displaying the Toilet Award, which resembles the famous golden Oscars statue. Closer inspection will reveal their hilarious surprise. Best of all, the lucky recipient of this elegant Toilet Brush Award can even use this practical little gift. The golden Toilet Brush Award is made from durable ABS plastic and hygienically conceals the toilet brush’s functional nylon bristles. The proud owner of this funny golden Toilet Award cleaning brush is sure to want to thank everyone that helped them to get where they are today. Get a fun gift to help a mate laugh at any situation. The Men’s Gift Store has quirky homewares and the best joke gifts for men.

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