Tool Erasers By Doiy

The Right Tools For Erasing Written Mistakes

Playful and practical all at once. These Tool Erasers from DOIY are quirky, unique ways to showcase his oddball personality with cool, retro stuff. These are indeed the right tools to clean up his homework and essays.

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If he's a MR fix it now he can fix up his spelling mistakes too. Whether he sketches designs for work, or is forever scribbling notes, these fun toole erasers help him erase his pencil mistakes with a bit of fun at the same time.

This eraser set really does make a great gift for anyone with a bit of humou, and are great for work, around the home or even for schoo.

Set of 2 rubber erasers. You'll have to hop down to your stationary shop, as the pencils pictured are not included.

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