Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Synth Kit

Start Learning and Synthesizing!

We use computers for everything else, why not use them to make incredible music? This D.I.Y. kit will help budding musicians and artists learn how to innovate, create, and learn.

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Modern music uses synthesizers and synths to enhance and create incredible songs. This innovative use of computers is a real sign of the times. The D.I.Y. Synth Kit makes it a breeze to learn about how synthesizers works, how to make one, and how to create interesting new synths.

To use the D.I.Y. Synth Kit, the user just needs access to the Internet and one 9V battery. The kit is designed for anyone above 12 years of age. And it provides access to three example synths: Stutter, Atari, and Dub Siren.

We recommend giving the D.I.Y. Synth Kit to men or children who love music and love to learn how things work. This kit makes a great birthday, Christmas, or gift for kids!

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What Is the Tech Will Save Us Kit from the Novelty Gifts for Him Catalogue?

The Tech Will Save Us Kit from the Christmas gifts for men collection is a combination of an educational tool and building kit. With this kit from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, your recipient can make his own synthesizer and synths, enabling him to create songs, but also learn more about the technical side of music.

To create the synthesiser with this synth kit from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, your recipient will need internet access and a 9V battery. The kit is also suitable for children, but they must be at least 12 years old. So, this synth kit from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue is not only a suitable choice for male recipients, but also children with an interest in tech.

Which Recipient Would Love a Tech Will Save Us Kit from the Novelty Gifts for Him Range?

The Tech Will Save Us Kit from the men’s gifts catalogue is mainly suitable for men who like to tinker, since this kit does require some assembly. Of course, it is also suitable for the intellectual who is looking for new challenge, or the music lover who cannot get enough of learning about the ins and outs of his passion. So, you will find that this kit from our men’s gifts catalogue is compatible with many different types of recipients.

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