Truth or Dare Game

With the Added Challenge of Pop Culture Trivia!

Start the party with this competitive new version of Truth or Dare. It combines ridiculous dares and outrageous truths with pop culture trivia for a truly challenging and edgy game.

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Truth or Dare is no longer just for tweens and daring teenagers. This awesome new version puts pop culture trivia into the mix, raising the stakes for every player. Each player must answer a trivia question correctly to make someone else fess up and tell the truth. But players that answer a trivia question incorrectly are forced to complete a crazy dare. Better start brushing up on pop culture references!

This novelty game includes 75 trivia cards, 75 truth or dare cards, and instructions. It can accommodate 2 to 6 players, aged 12+ years. It’s perfect for breaking the ice at parties or simply having a good time with friends. The first person to get rid of their truth or dare cards is winner.