Joy Emokeyring

Inspired by Everyone’s Favourite SMS Joy Emoji!

There are several great emojis, but ones always seems to rise to the top: the SMS joy emoji. This awesome emoji has now been transformed into an equally awesome keyring, perfect for any teenager.

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It’s almost never a bad idea to use the fun SMS joy emoji. It’s so expressive and can be used in a variety of texting situations, like reacting to an awesome joke or a ridiculous story. And now this funny emoji can be used in real life. The Joy Emokeyring is super cool and incredibly useful. This durable keyring will not only keep keys safe, it’ll also inspire laughs all day, every day.

Materials: Metal and Enamel. Measurements: 8.5 x 4 x 0.2cm.

The Joy Emokeyring is one of many great novelty gifts available today at Men’s Gift Store. It’s perfect for anyone under 20, especially teenagers who can’t seem to text enough or use enough emojis.