Yes Button

Encourage him to become more of a ‘yes man’

Does he use the word ‘yes’ all day at work? Or, could he use some gentle encouragement to say it a little more often around the home? Either way, he’ll get a kick out of The Yes Button, made by Is.

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Are you looking to buy a gift for a bit of a ‘yes man’? Or, do you know a guy who needs some gentle encouragement to answer in the affirmative a little bit more often? Then this hilarious Yes Button, made by Is, would make the perfect novelty gift for him!

Everytime the button is pushed, one of ten different pre-recorded messages is yelled out, always amounting to an emphatic ‘YES’! Whether it is placed on his desk at the office, the bar at home, or his bed side table, it is bound to result in a barrel of laughs whenever the co-workers, friends, partner or kids ask a suitable question.

The Yes Button makes a great novelty gift for any occasion. Send it along with a free personalised gift note, and track it all the way to its lucky recipient!

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