Vegemite Tea Towel

A Dash Of Aussie Retro To Brighten His Day

Attention Vegemite loving lads! His favourite spread now features on his favourite way to dry and clean dishes. Made in Australia from quality microfibre material, it’s the perfect kitchen addition!

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Know a guy who loves vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea? Now he can also dry his dishes from breakfast, lunch and tea with his favourite spread. Our Vegemite Tea Towel from KE Designs, showcases a classic Vegemite jar on a yellow background, giving it that awesome retro vibe. Designed by a Melbourne artist and made in Australia, this dish dryer ensures smears, smudges, finger prints and watermarks are a thing of the past.

At 75cm x 50cm, the microfibre material can hold up to seven times its weight, and reduces surface bacteria by over 90% - making it both practical and a novelty to dry crockery, cutlery and glassware with a jar of vegemite!

No Aussie kitchen is complete without a Vegemite jar, making this the perfect gift for your happy little Vegemite.