Aussie Aussie Aussie BBQ Set

Because What Could be More Aussie Than Barbecuing?

A two-piece Aussie BBQ set, featuring a spatula with a sturdy wooden handle & a stainless steel Australian flag flipper, & an Australian flag apron with adjustable tie-arounds at the neck & waist.

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For all of those patriotic blokes who love to man the grill, we have this loud and colourful ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’ barbecue set, featuring two handy implements.

The Australian flag apron is accurately coloured, large in size, and has durable straps with loads of length for tying around the neck and body.

Meanwhile, the egg-flipper has a long, high-quality wooden handle – perfect for keeping a bit of distance from a hot grill. The flipping segment is made out of long-lasting stainless steel, with cut-outs to resemble the Union Jack and Southern Cross.

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