BBQ Branding Iron

With 55 letters to create messages on his meat!

Give the BBQ chef a touch of grandeur with this branding iron, so he can personalise his guests' meat with their names, or even his name – he can be his own BBQ brand!

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Cooking the perfect BBQ for guests is an art. People want meat cooked to their liking, so how about giving the BBQ chef a branding iron so he can serve his meat to his liking! He can personalise his cooking service by branding people's names, funny expressions or even cheeky messages – whatever he dreams up. Can you think of a man who'll have fun with that? We bet you can!

The accessories for the branding iron include 55 letters – every letter in the alphabet with duplicates – as well as spaces so he can spell whatever he wishes. When he's settled on his wording he then has to lay it on the grill so it heats up enough to brand his burgers, sausages, steaks and chicken.