Butcher's Cut Heavy Duty Apron

Be prepared and wear this butcher’s cheat sheet!

For the enthusiastic carnivore and barbecuer, this apron is a meat-lover’s dream! This kitchen cheat sheet comes with four charts showing chicken, pig, lamb, and cow cuts.

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Protect your clothes while you grill up delectable, perfectly-cooked cuts of steak, lamb, chicken, or pork. And if you aren’t familiar with the cuts you’re cooking, you will be soon with this Butcher’s Cut Heavy Duty Apron. On this apron you’ll discover clearly labeled charts, featuring cuts from the tastiest selection of farm animals.

This apron measures 69 x 91cm, appropriately sized for men of all sizes and shapes. It’s made with a strong, 100% cotton drill. Durable and sturdy, this apron will last through years of barbecuing and washing. For a wide variety of barbecue-based gifts and kitchenware, peruse Men’s Gift Store.