Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set

Includes BPA-Free Dinnerware and a Durable Case

This handsome picnic set is sure to impress friends, family, and significant others. After all, a simple picnic is the perfect way to spend a warm summer day with someone special!

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There are many ways to enjoy summer, like taking a delicious picnic to the park. With this Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set, sharing a meal in the park with someone special is a breeze. The BPA-free set comes with two knives, forks, and spoons, as well as two plates. These dinnerware items come in a compact case, which is equipped with a comfortable handle. Preparing for a picnic has never been so easy.

The set is 25 x 25 x 4.5cm when packed. It’s crafted using BPA-free components, including durable polyester and stainless steel. Suitable for use by ages 12+ years.

This Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set is one of many gifts for men available now from Men’s Gift Store. Shop now to find charming, practical, and thoughtful presents for every guy on your list.

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Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set

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What Is the Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set from the Outdoor Gifts for Him Catalogue?

The Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set from our Christmas gifts for men range is perfect for a man who regularly enjoys a picnic with family and friends. This set from the Christmas gifts for men range includes knives, forks, spoons, plates, and a special case to keep everything safe!

To ensure the durability of this picnic set from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue, Sunnylife used some durable materials; this includes polyester and stainless steel. Because of this durability, you can be sure that your recipient will enjoy the Sunnylife Andaman Summer Picnic Set from the men’s gifts catalogue for a long time to come!

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Do you have a question about any of the beach-related men’s gifts mentioned here today? Or could you use some help from the Men’s Gift Store to determine the best beach gift for your recipient? Feel free to contact us today for some assistance.