Double Sided BBQ Griddle

Double Sided Non Stick Design

The perfect BBQ gift for him; the Maverick BBQ Griddle is crafted from cast-aluminium so its light and features a non-stick design so its easy to clean. Double sided for frying and grilling.

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When it comes to men’s BBQ gifts we know that both quality and practicality matter which is why we know he’ll love the Maverick BBQ Griddle.

With a double sided design, there’s a flat surface for frying and a ridged design for grilling, this cast-aluminium griddle is not only light  but its easy to clean with a non-stick surface too.

Measuring 49.5cm x 27cm x 5cm this griddle fits well over most 2 or 3 burner gas burners and can be used on electric stoves or open flame too. It isn’t suitable for induction cooktops but he won’t mind that one bit.

If he loves cooking up a summer bbq feast, then the Maverick BBQ grill will have him smiling and creating gourmet fare for friends and family for every occasion.