Smoke House Oven Glove & Tea Towel Set

No Feminine Cooking Accessories in Sight!

He'll impress family and friends with his professional styling thanks to the Maverick Smoke House Oven Glove and Tea Towel Set. The perfect BBQ gift for him to keep his BBQ cooking running smoothly, cleanly and safely.

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He’s claiming the kitchen and the BBQ and he’ll be doing it in style with the Smoke House Oven mitt and Smoke House Tea Towel Set. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the man who loves to cook, then look no further. He doesn’t need feminine kitchen accessories, and why should he have to have them; this set features masculine black and white design and is made from 100% cotton for durability.

The Tea Towels are a generous 70cm x 50cm design and feature a print and check pair, and the matching oven mitt measures 38cm x 18cm offering plenty of protection from hot surfaces. All items are made from 100% quality cotton and are cold wash only.

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Barbecue Gift Ideas for Aussie Blokes!

Having a good barbecue is the favourite pastime of many Australian men, so our range is packed with barbecue gift ideas that could make this experience even better. If you are looking for some barbecue gift ideas for a special occasion, be sure to read our overview of unique gifts below.

What Is the First Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

One of our first gift ideas in this overview is the Smoke House Oven Glove & Tea Towel Set. The set consists of two tea towels and an oven mitt, each featuring a barbecue theme and a masculine design.

The Smoke House Oven Glove & Tea Towels can be used outdoors and indoors, since these items are designed for use in the kitchen as well as the barbecue. Both the oven mitt and towels are made from durable materials too, since all products are made from 100% cotton.

What Is the Second Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

Our next suggestion in this overview of barbecue gift ideas is the Maverick Heavy-Duty BBQ Brush. The Maverick Heavy-Duty BBQ Brush from our gifts for men collection is used to clean any residue after a barbecue, ensuring that nothing remains that could affect the taste of your barbecued meats and seafoods.

The Maverick Heavy-Duty BBQ Brush from our gifts for men collection is made from a combination of stainless steel and acacia wood. The stainless steel ensures barbecue surfaces are easy to scrape clean, while the acacia wooden handle provides easy handling.

What Is the Third Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

Our third recommendation for the Aussie bloke is the BBQ Multi-Tool 5-in-1 from the gifts for men catalogue. The BBQ Multi-Tool 5-in-1 is one of the most functional barbecue tools in our gifts for men catalogue, since it combines five different BBQ utensils and tools your recipient might need.

The BBQ Multi-Tool 5-in-1 from the gifts for men range contains a corkscrew, bottle opener, spatula, basting brush, and a pair of tongs. The spatula can be detached from the tool if required; this is done when more control is needed for flipping burgers. Still, by attaching the tools together, it is less likely your recipient will misplace them.

What Is the Fourth Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

There are more unique gifts that could be appreciated by an Aussie bloke; this includes the Maverick Acacia BBQ Tool Set. The Maverick Acacia BBQ Tool Set from this overview of unique gifts collection provides the recipient with a flawless collection of barbecue utensils, so they are bound to be appreciated.

The Maverick Acacia BBQ Tool Set from our unique gifts overview are made from a combination of acacia wood and stainless steel. Like some of our previous tools in this overview of unique gifts, this combination of materials provides a mixture of durability and easy use.

Inside the BBQ Tool Set, recipients can find a quality heavy-duty fork, tongs, scraper, and an attached bottle opener. Each of the tools also has a special loop on the handle; this can be used to hang up the tools above the barbecue for easy access.

What Is the Fifth Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

Our fifth suggestion should be a serious consideration for Father’s Day, because our next recommendation is the Dad’s BBQ Tool Set. Inside Dad’s BBQ Tool Set, you can find various BBQ tools with the word “Dad” incorporated in the design.

Dad’s BBQ Tool Set contains all the essentials your dad will require for a barbecue; this includes tongs, a scraper, spatula, and meat thermometer. If your dad is an avid barbecue lover, then he is bound to put these tools to good use.

What Is the Last Barbecue Gift Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

Our final recommendation for the barbecue-loving man is the Random Harvest Hot Chilli BBQ Set. Inside this set, customers can find a variety of spices and rubs for their barbecue. However, only choose this gift for a recipient with a love for spices, since these have quite a kick.

Another reason why customers should choose this set is the impeccable quality delivered by the Random Harvest brand. Random Harvest only uses fresh ingredients, and this undoubtedly reflects in the quality of their products.

Where Can I Find More Barbecue Gifts Suitable for an Aussie Bloke?

There are countless other barbecue gifts from the Men’s Gift Store you could consider for an Aussie bloke. In addition to the items we already mentioned, we also suggest options such as the BBQ Rib Rack, the Davis & Waddell Acacia Wood Barbecue Caddy, and the Double-Sided BBQ Griddle.

Need more information about one of our BBQ gifts? Get in touch with our Men’s Gift Store team today for some assistance.