BBQ Multi Tool - 5 in 1

The Essential Summer BBQ All-In-One Tool

With everything he needs for the BBQ, this great 5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool will be your BBQ king’s new best friend.

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The 5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool is the perfect men’s gift this season. Featuring 5 essential BBQ tools in a compact pocket-knife design, it is the perfect way to ensure he’ll never be digging through the kitchen drawers looking for lost BBQ tools again. Ideal for camping and for storing in the picnic basket, this clever and versatile tool will make the perfect gift for him.

This handy 5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool includes a spatula (with built-in bottle opener), a grill fork, silicone marinade brush, and corkscrew bottle opener – everything he needs for the BBQ! Each of the full-size BBQ tools are made from quality stainless steel to make sure they do the job right. The spatula is even detachable to make it extra easy to flip the burgers. He’ll love the convenience of this clever outdoors gadget. Shop at The Men’s Gift Store for all the most popular men’s gifts for Christmas and Father’s Day.