Shot Side Kicks

Drink Tequila in Mexican Sombrero Shot Glasses

Tequila slammers will be even more fun with these fantastic Mexican Sombrero Shot Glasses. He’ll be ready to Lick, Sip, Suck with this great gift.

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His next BBQ will be even more fun with these wonderfully quirky Mexican Sombrero Shot Glasses. If you’re looking for a drinking gift or a BBQ gift that’s a bit different, then the Men’s Gift Store has a great range of shot glasses and bar accessories to liven up any special occasion. A round of tequila slammers is the perfect way to get the party started. And these great Shot Side Kicks are the perfect Mexican inspired shot glasses.

The Shot Side Kicks are a set of 4 Mexican sombrero shot glasses. Each shot glass features a Mexican moustache and comes with a fun yellow sombrero. Simply add a shot of tequila to the shot glass, roll the sombrero hat in salt, garnish with wedge of lime, and place the little sombrero on top. Presto! A fun round of tequila slammers that will have everyone reaching for their shot glasses. Fine quality shot glasses are best hand washed.