Slider Mini Burger Press

Entertain His Mates With Delicious Appetisers

His mates will be blown away by his newfound entertaining skills, when he presents them with delicious homemade sliders! The Davis 7 Waddell Slider Mini Burger Press makes gorgeous sliders a breeze!

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Sliders can be difficult to make; but not with the slider mini burger press by Davis & Waddell. With it he will make the perfect burger every time. Offering the latest in kitchen technology, its stackable design will also ensure each burger is juicy and full of flavor. It makes 4 burgers at one time.

Gourmet burgers stuffed with cheese or bacon, as well as crab cakes are just a few other recipes that he can make on this slider mini burger press. Easy to use and maintain, simply hand wash it, dry and store it away. This mini burger press makes a great gift for a new homeowner or recent college graduate.