Swiss Army Knife Book

An Easy-to-Follow Compendium of Bushcraft Projects

A swiss army knife is an indispensable tool for outdoorsmen and this incredible hardback proves it. This book about bushcraft presents an array of useful projects for surviving in the wilderness.

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Being able to make something out of nothing is a true skill and one that separates the manly men from the wannabes. Written by bushcraft expert Felix Immler, The Swiss Army Knife Book contains the information a man needs to become the king of camping. It includes 63 bushcraft projects that can be completed with nothing more than a swiss army knife. Now that’s impressive! The projects range from lodging to cooking utensils to simple furniture.

This 208-page hardback book is 20.1 x 25.1cm.

Men who love gadgets and enjoy the outdoors will most certainly enjoy The Swiss Army Knife Book. Before long, the lucky gift recipient will know how to survive and thrive in the wilderness with the help of his handy pocket knife.

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