Signal Shield Phone Pouch

High-Tech Anti-Tracking Mobile Phone Pouch

Everyone needs to take a break from their phone at some point. Stop people calling and monitoring your location or activities with this great little privacy phone pouch. Engage cloaking device.

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With our smartphones constantly broadcasting our location and personal data, it’s important for everyone to be able to get off-grid when they need to. Your friend will love this simple phone privacy pouch. The Signal Shield Phone Pouch blocks any smartphone from all wifi, cellular networks, and GPS or location services. The shielding pouch is also useful for preventing a phone from interfering with sensitive electronic equipment. Your friend will appreciate being able to increase their phone security and privacy with this simple anti-tracking smartphone pouch.

As well as the main smartphone signal blocking pouch, the Signal Shield Phone Case has an extra storage compartment for cash or documents. The slimline pouch fits easily in a jacket pocket to make it great for travelling. Your friend can prevent his phone from being tracked and carry his essential cards and cash at the same time. Find all the best phone accessories, travel gear, and the latest gadgets for guys at The Men’s Gift Store.

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