Stanley 1.5L Prep & Cook Set

Nesting Cookery Set For Outdoor Adventures

Durable and trail-ready, this multi-piece cookery set is filled with kitchenware camping gear that cleverly provides almost everything needed to cook outdoors: 1.5L stainless steel pot, insulated plastic bowls, utensils, and more!

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When you’re on the trail, you can only eat so many energy bars before you want a real meal and this amazing gift ensures cooking a wonderful meal while out camping, is as easy as can be. The Stanley 1.5L Prep & Cook Set features the perfect blend of cooking and preparation gear to make camp cooking stress free. The items in this set nestle together for easy storage and carrying.

The Prep & Cook Set includes:

  • Insulated Plastic Bowls (2 x 591ml)
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Pot (1 x 1.5L)
  • Bowl Lids/Cutting Boards (2)
  • Melt-Resistant, Extendable Ladle
  • Melt-Resistant, Extendable Spatula

The plastic items in this set are BPA-free. And the stainless steel items are rust-proof, scratch resistant, and trail-friendly. Everything is dishwasher-safe. So take to the trail and bring food with you, because you’re going to eat like a king!

Give this set as a Father’s Day or birthday gift.

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