Universal 5 in 1 Kitchen Scissors

Featuring Stainless Steel Cut Anything Blades

These scissors are the perfect gift for the practical man; because they're not just scissors at all! He can strip wires, crush garlic, open bottles and more with these multifunction scissors featuring Stainless Steel blades.

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He’s a multi-tasking handy man to be reckoned with, and if he isn’t he soon will be; with his very own pair of the Any Sharp 5 in 1 Universal Scissors. It’s all about practicality with this clever design that can do almost anything around the house.

Featuring a special curved, toughened steel blade that’s offers surgical sharpness; these 5 in 1 scissors are just as great in his shed as they are in the kitchen. They tackle everything from chicken bones to tough materials with ease and their 23cm x 10cm x 2cm size and comfort design that’s perfect for left or right handers is sure to impress.

Featuring a nut cracker, garlic crusher, bottle opener and wire stripper as well as being super sharp scissors – what more could he want?!

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