FireWire Windproof Lighter

Stainless Steel With A Windproof Flame

Cleverly designed with FireWire technology, this wind proof lighter is the perfect addition to his camping gear, barbeque accessories, and kitchen drawer. Refillable and crafted from quality Stainless Steel.

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The clever and stress free way to light his barbeque, campfire, or citronella candles whatever the weather! This FireWire Windproof Lighter solves all the problems of lighting a flame in difficult weather or environments - in addition to working in the wind, he can use this lighter upside down, rightside-up, and at any angle! It's the only lighter he'll need.

This oval lighter is refillable, and gas can be purchased from the hardware store or tobacconist. It measures 1.1 x 3 x 6.6cm. Flame size can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Everyone needs a good lighter. After all, you never know when you’re going to run out of matches or when the power is going to go out. So give your family and friends this FireWire Windproof Lighter for Christmas, Father’s Day, or for any occasion.

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