Eggling Herb Planter Basil & Parsley

Grow Fresh, Delicious Herbs Quickly and Easily

Crafting a delectable meal is all about using fresh ingredients. And what could be more fresh than herbs from the garden? With this planter, growing basil and parsley is fast, easy, and garden-free.

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There’s nothing more comforting or more delicious than a homemade meal. And the best homemade meals contain fresh herbs from the garden. But not everyone has a garden or the time to tend one. With this Eggling Herb Planter Basil & Parsley, any man can enjoy fresh herbs. The planter includes two inner pots, soil, and instructions on how to grow two types of herbs in one container.

For the man who refuses to accept anything less than the best, this Eggling Herb Planter is the perfect gift. It’s easy to use and produces fresh basil and parsley that can be used to make sure every homemade meal is home run.