Food Truck Bird Feeder

Ceramic Food Truck for Avian Clientele

Park your food truck beneath a nearby tree and watch your customers flock! This ceramic bird feeder comes with a removable metal tray and a generous length of twine, a fun novelty garden gift for him.

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Running a food truck is hard work. You have to build a menu, convert a van to suit your needs, and then you have to find customers. With this Food Truck Bird Feeder, your customers will flock to you! And there's no need to fret over the menu. It's the same every week: seeds, seeds, and more seeds. Your clients will love it.

The Food Truck Bird Feeder measures 175x155x140mm. It consists of three parts: ceramic structure, removable metal tray, and a length of sturdy twine.

Opening your own food truck has never been easier. Serve cheep eats on the fly today and pick up the Food Truck Bird Feeder from Men's Gift Store.