Stephanie Alexander Compost Bin

Decorative Compost Bin with Carbon Filter

For men who love to compost, but dislike the smell, this galvanised compost bin is key! The bin comes with a carbon filter and removable bucket to keep undesirable odors under control.

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Saving food waste and compost yard clippings is a great habit. And this habit pays off; when compost is ready, it can be used to fertilize gardens of all kinds. Collecting food waste, however, is not always pretty business. The Stephanie Alexander Galvanised Compost Bin is stylish enough to sit in the kitchen, yet large enough to collect food waste for a day or more.

This iron, brass, and plastic bin has a 3L-capacity, measures 17.5 x 24cm. The compost bin also comes with a replaceable carbon filter. This filter keeps unwanted odors from escaping the small bin.

The Stephanie Alexander Galvanised Compost Bin is a great gift for gardeners and composters both. In fact, we suggest giving this compost bin as a Christmas, birthday, or Father's Day present!