Fact or Crap Game

Don’t Take Any Crap During this Great Party Game!

This game of true or false is the perfect way for teenagers to test their BS-meter! Each card provides information that’s either fact or total crap and players must decide which is which.

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Is it true that armadillos are the only animals to suffer from leprosy? Or is it total BS? During Fact and Crap, a competitive trivia game with attitude, players must see through the lies in order to win. Players are rewarded for correct answers with bright tokens. Yay! For incorrect answers, these tokens are taken away. Boo! The person with the most tokens at the end of the game is the winner.

Fact or Crap comes with 200 tokens, 64 rush hour cards, 250 fact or crap cards, and 16 answer cards. It’s ideal for 3-8 players, aged 12+ years. It’s the perfect gift for teenagers! Game Measurements: 25 x 25 x 6cm.