Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Ball

Everything Needed For Bouncing Fun

This awesome set brings the nostalgic fun of bouncy balls back, with the added elements of DIY science and creativity. Featuring metallic, neon, and even glow-in-the-dark crystals, and 8 moulds!

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The Make Your Own High Bounce Ball Box Set is a fantastic gift that brings the nostalgia and excitement of bouncy balls back to be enjoyed by people of all ages! This set lets you mould your very own bouncy balls into whatever shape and colour design you like – adding elements of science and creativity to those wacky rubber balls that we all loved as kids!

The set contains everything you need to make bouncy balls out of rubber crystals that shine, glimmer, and even glow in the dark! And don’t worry, the crystals are non-toxic, and can easily be washed off clothing.

Set includes:

• Neon-coloured crystals (8 packets)

• Metallic crystals (4 packets)

• Glow-in-the-dark crystals (4 packets)

• Moulds (x8)

• Instruction booklet

• Colourful box (26x20x6 cm)

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